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The Inside Scoop on Singapore Postcard Booklet ($19.90 inclusive of GST)

$18.60 / Sold Out

Think you know Singapore inside out? Whether you’re a visitor or a long-time local, there’s always something that will surprise you about our sunny island. From little-known kueh to unique housewarming practices, get to know Singapore more deeply with this set of postcards from Tuber.

Twelve designs highlight our local practices, wildlife, brands, places and more that continue on in modern-day Singapore, with write-ups and links to more information. Each design comes with two copies so you can send one to a friend and keep one for yourself.

Material: 24 postcards in 12 designs, printed on Grandeur Zen White (350gsm)
Dimensions: W13 x H17 cm
Designer: Tuber
Origin: Singapore