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Chop, Simi Chop? Series ($13.91 inclusive of GST)


Give your stamp of approval (or disapproval) Singlish-style with Tuber's rubber stamps on wood blocks.

Three different chop designs for teachers, bosses and anyone with high standards. Featuring the return of the Merlion vomiting blood, and two other Singlish phrases so you can express your frustration, convey your conviction and chase co-workers to hurry up with style. Use 'em to add punch to what you need to say.

Assembled by hand and with love from Tuber.
Material: Red premium rubber stamp on pine wood
Size: 63mm x 30mm x 33mm

Lunchtime or crunch time, use this for when you need something quick, good and fresh like kali pok ("curry puff"). Or when someone's head is about to be on the chopping block...

Why go with bland approvals when you can double-confirm your guarantee, Singapore-style? Show your confidence with this punny meta chop that shows you're also willing to put your reputation on the line.

This makes me want to VOMIT BLOOD
Disgusted with the standard of work you got? Express your displeasure with the Merlion's help. Or for when you're the minion and have to deal with sai kang ("shit jobs"), here's your chance to feel like the boss – nothing feels more official or satisfying than the pound of a stamp. A spin-off from Tuber's Can I Hepchu? sticky notes and back by popular demand, this stamp features Singapore's favourite spitter vomiting a sea of blood. For best effect, use with red ink.

Bundle offer: Buy one of each chop design and get a Tuber Boh Eng stickies pad^, free!

^The stickies will be automatically included within the order.