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Bao Ga Liao! – A bao for every occasion ($16.80 inclusive of GST)


Bao Ga Liao reflects Singaporean’s pragmatic habit of gifting money in envelopes, known as baos. Red packets signify good luck for Chinese New Year, green ones are a tradition for Hari Raya, while white envelopes convey our condolences at funerals. But what about weddings, baby showers and birthdays? Don’t anyhowly hantam okay! Use this set of 20 money packets in eight designs and you’ll always have the right bao for the right occasion.

Available in two different packaging, Sian Bao and Toot Bao.

Material: 20 money packets in eight designs, printed on RJ Paper (120gsm Summer White)

Size: 85mm (W) X 165mm (H)

Designer: Tuber

Origin: Singapore